Learn to interact with system-related information.

The System class provides methods for interacting with system-related information. Such as current time, system environment, system user, path, etc.



Returns the current time in milliseconds as a number.

// Example: Get current time in milliseconds
var currentTimeMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
return "Current time in milliseconds: " + currentTimeMillis;


Returns the current value of the system's high-resolution time source in nanoseconds as a number.

// Example 1: Get current time in nanoseconds
var nanoseconds = System.nanoTime();
return "Current time in nanoseconds: " + nanoseconds;


Returns the platform-specific line separator as a string.

// Example: Get the system-dependent line separator
var lineSeparator = System.lineSeparator();


Returns the system environment as a string.

// Get the system user
var username = System.getenv("USERNAME");

// Get the system path
varpath = System.getenv("PATH");

Additional environment variables accessible through getenv() include:

  • "USERPROFILE": Path to the current user's profile directory.

  • "TEMP" and "TMP": Paths to the temporary directory.

  • "USERNAME": The username of the currently logged-in user.

  • "COMPUTERNAME": Name of the computer.

  • "OS": Information about the operating system.

  • "SYSTEMROOT" or "WINDIR": Paths to the Windows system directory.

  • "APPDATA": Path to the directory where application-specific data for the current user is stored.

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