If-Else Condition

This node allows you to add a condition that returns true or false and output them to a different output port.


 * a random condition that returns true or false
var random = RandomUtil.create();
return random.nextBoolean();

Or for a more intuitive example:

Condition depending on payment amount:

// Define a LocalDate object for Christmas Day in the year 2023
var christmasDay = LocalDate.of(2023, 12, 25);

// Get the current date
var today = LocalDate.now();

// Check if today's date is before Christmas Day
if(today.isBefore(christmasDay)) {
    // Return true if today is before Christmas Day
    return true;
} else {
    // Return false if today is on or after Christmas Day
    return false;

Now the workflow has a condition node which checks the payment amount and outputs to a different output port depending on the result.

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