Write your first script

Create a new Workflow

Create a new workflow in your B2Data environment.

Add Nodes to your workflow

In the left section you can find a list of nodes that you can use to build your workflow. Six of these nodes allow scripting usage which include: Source Script Nodes, Custom Script and Condition.

Edit your Custom-Script Node

Double click on Custom Script node to write a script.

*Feature to write scripts is available in 6 nodes.

For example, you can write a script to return a filtered table from the table received from previous nodes:

// Get a copy of the table reference from the previous node (premeir league table)
var table = NodeInputReader.inputAsDataFrame();

// Get the 2nd column as a String (football team column)
var stringColumn = table.stringColumn(1);

// Return a new table with only liverpool info filtered
return table.where(stringColumn.endsWith("Liverpool"));

Use the functions and classes you learn in B2Win Suite Scripting to write your own script.

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