Scripting in B2Data

B2Data is a robust data platform tailored to streamline data management processes for enterprises. In this section, we'll delve into the technical aspects of Scripting in B2Data.

Modular Workflow Architecture: B2Data is built on a modular workflow architecture, offering a systematic approach to create data processing workflows. These workflows are constructed by connecting different nodes, with each node representing a specific action or step in the data journey. This modular framework provides flexibility and scalability in managing data processes.

Custom Scripting: B2Data introduces custom script nodes, a powerful toolset for scripting and customization within your data workflows. These custom scripts allow you to fine-tune your data processes to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Scripting is available in three main environments:

1) Properties - you can use scripting to define and edit properties inside your workflow. You can define properties in the workflow settings as global properties, or inside a specific node as a local property.

2) Nodes - there are 6 custom script nodes which are configured using scripting:

3) DataPrep - inside DataPrep node there is the ability to add a Custom Column by writing a Script.

Practical Examples: To see B2Data Custom Scripting in action, our documentation also includes practical examples of real-life, end-to-end workflow applications. These examples demonstrate the technical capabilities of the platform and how it can impact your data management operations.

We're here to provide you with the technical knowledge you need to make the most of B2Data. Let's get started. Start by learning about the different Custom Script Nodes ->