Source Script Node (File)


This node allows you to customize data extraction and manipulation then return as file to the following node.

Example: Read a file (e.g., a CSV file) and return it as a file object.

return FileUtil.readFile("d:\\tmp\\file.csv");

Example: Retrieve data from API and return as File

// Make an HTTP request to get exchange rates from the specified API
var request = HttpUtil.get("");

// Parse the response body as JSON
var jsonContent = JsonUtil.parse(request.asString().getBody());

// Convert the exchange rates to a JSON string
var exchanges = JsonUtil.stringify(jsonContent.exchangeRates);

// Create a temporary file and write the exchange rates JSON to it
var tempFile = FileUtil.createTempFile("tmp.json", exchanges);

// Return the path to the created temporary file
return tempFile;

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