Arrays & Maps

ArrayUtil & MapUtil


An ArrayUtil is a dynamic array-like data structure that can store elements of any type. Conceptually, it behaves like an array but with additional functionalities and flexibility.


  • ArrayUtils.empty(<T>) -> Array<T>: Returns new empty array of type T.

  • add(value: T): Adds a value to the array.

  • set(index: Integer, value: T): Sets the value of the element at the given index.

  • remove(index: Integer): Removes the value in the array at index.

  • size() -> Integer: returns the size of the array.

  • clear(): Clears the array removing all it's values.


var array = ArrayUtils.empty(String);


if (array.get(0) == "N") {
    array.set(0, "A");


if (array.size() == 0) {
    return true;


A map represented as HashMap<Object, Object>, is a collection that associates unique keys with corresponding values, facilitating efficient retrieval and modification of data based on key references.

HashMaps are especially useful for defining a row in SuiteTable


A { followed by zero or more sets of key : value pairs separated by , and ending with }, e.g. { "one" : 1, "two" : 2, "three" : 3, "more": "many more" }

This syntax creates a HashMap<Object,Object>.

Empty map literal can be specified as {:}


  • create(); Map

Creates an empty map and returns it.

  • add(Map<String, Object> map, String key, Object value): void

adds a key-value pair to map. Returns nothing

  • size(); Integer

Returns number of key-value pairs in map.

  • isEmpty: Boolean

Returns true of map is empty, otherwise returns false.

  • cotainsKey(Object key): Boolean

Returns true if map contains specified key, otherwise returns false.

  • containsValue(Object value): Boolean

Returns true if map contains specified value, otherwise returns false.

  • remove(String key): Object

Removes key from Map and returns the remove value object.

  • keySet(); and values();

Return the keys and values of the map, respectively.


var map = MapUtil.create();

MapUtil.add(map, "name", "steve");
MapUtil.add(map, "age", 40);
MapUtil.add(map, "birthday",;

map.values(); // returns 2023-11-22,steve,40
map.keySet(); // returns birthday,name,age
map.remove("age"); // remove, age from map and returns 40

return map; 

Or you can define map Manually:

var map = {
    "name": "steve",
    "age": 40,

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