GeneralDateUtil class provides utility methods for general date manipulation.


  • convertFormat(dateString: String, fromFormat: String, toFormat: String):

Convert a date string from one format to another.

Example: Reformat a date received from a client into your company's standard format.

var clientDate = "10/23/2023"; // Date received from the client
var newDateFormat = GeneralDateUtil.convertFormat(clientDate, 
                                "MM/dd/yyyy", "yyyy-MM-dd");
  • parseDateStrictly(dateString: String, pattern: String):

Parse a date string using various date format patterns, strictly enforcing parsing.

Example: Ensure that a user's entered birthdate follows a specific format.

var dateStr = "2023-10-24"; 
var pattern = "yyyy-MM-dd"; 
var newDate = GeneralDateUtil.parseDateStrictly(dateStr, pattern);

if (newDate != null) {
    // Date was successfully parsed
    return "Parsed Date: " + newDate;
} else {
    // Date parsing failed
    return "Failed to parse the date.";

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