Custom Script

This node empowers you to incorporate your custom scripts to perform specific data operations on your data - tailored to your unique requirements.

This node accepts input of two types, a file or data.

  • You can use ctrl+space for autocomplete

  • Type Util to get all function groups, pick one and then type a dot to view all functions within the group. All Util Classes are available to view at Utility Classes.

  • You can use NodeInputReader to get the nodes input object.

The following example, filters the input DataFrame by column 'Product Line', returns a new table with records from the input table where Product Line deals with "Cars".

// Read input data into a DataFrame
var table = NodeInputReader.inputAsDataFrame();

// Extract the product_line column as a string column
var stringColumn = table.stringColumn("product_line");

// Filter the DataFrame to include only rows where the values in product_line column end with "Cars"
var filteredTable = table.where(stringColumn.endsWith("Cars"));

// Return the filtered DataFrame
return filteredTable;

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